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Project in Tajikistan concluded successfully

The Norwegian Forestry Group (NFG) jointly with its local partners has accomplished the project “Rural development by means of vocational training within the forestry and environmental sector in Tajikistan” during the period of 2012 -2015. The project’s working process was characterized by a diversified action plan related to the project’s objectives and relevant to the local target groups. Each step of the implementing process was jointly and consensually organized with the involved partners and stakeholders.

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The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.
The second-best time is now.

African proverb

Forests and the value of forest land have been given more focus in recent years as a result of the discussions regarding climate change issues and the understanding of forests as an important factor in mitigating climate change. These discussions have also shown that mankind relies on forests for the products they provide, but also for their ecosystem services and biodiversity.

An increase in attention on forests has also led to a stronger focus on forests as a crucial source for sustainable development in regions where forest-related activities and activities on former forest land are the basis for economic development.


NFG´s idea is to provide:

International consulting services, project development and project implementation based on sustainable forestry and appropriate natural resource management.

Marketing of competence from seed to final wood products and from environmental protection to commercial utilisation of forests in a long-term perspective.

Tailoring of projects and expert groups according to the needs of public and commercial customers.




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