Vocational training within the forestry- and environmental sector in Tajikistan

The program will develop a countrywide vocational training program with focus on forest- and environmental management in Tajikistan. The courses will be tailored for local population, farmers, forest workers, entrepreneurs or forest/environmental officers. The training is based on short courses run by authorized trainers/instructors.

Tajikistan is a mountainous country in Central Asia. Forests cover 3-3.5% of Tajikistan’s area. The total area of the State Forest Fund is 1.8 million ha. The area covered by forests is about 410 000 ha. All forests are State property. It is possible for private persons to establish private woodlots on private farmland.

The forests of Tajikistan, as is the case in the majority of forests in this region, constitute a specific and fragile ecosystem, facing various constraints and difficulties due to a particularly hard ecological and socio-economic condition. Deforestation and overgrazing leads to enormous erosion problems. The needs of fire wood and other products from the forest are of essential importance for the rural population.



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