Forestry Sector Programme - Further development of GIS in forest management planning and development of cost-efficient methods in Forest Management Planning

The project “Support to Forest Management Planning with Geographic Information System”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, started in 2006. Three phases of the project are completed. A fourth phase is just started and will last for 3 years till the end of 2013.

The project is developing a method for forest management planning with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Main counterpart is the Kosovo Forest Agency, which is responsible for the preparation of forest management plans. Foresters are trained in forest management, inventory and planning, as well as use of digital ortophoto and maps within a GIS to produce thematic maps. GPS and handheld PDA for efficient handling of field data are used.

Included in the project is the production of practical manuals and handbooks for planning and conducting silviculture operations. A second national forest inventory is incorporated, as well.

Kosovo is about 10 800 km2. The population is some 1,8 million. In 2008, Kosovo’s independence was recognized by most Western-European countries, but it is not endorsed by the UN. In 2002 Norwegian Forestry Group and FAO implemented the first nation-wide Kosovo forest inventory. Approximately 460 000 ha (42 %) of the total area is classified as forest. Some 32 % of this area is small privately owned properties.


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