In the framework of NFG program, the Kyrgyz Association of Forest and Land Users in Kyrgyzstan has become the formal Distributor of the GENO/Semen of the Norwegian Red Cow in Central-Asia.

Less than one year from the launch of insemination with the Norwegian Red, the results are very evident.
The first calves have been born in different regions of the country.

Initially, although expressing strong interests in breeding based on the Norwegian Red, some of the stakeholders from husbandry, dairy and meat production in the country raised doubts particularly concerning how well it would adapt to Central Asia.

Nowadays, the happy event of the first calves gave additional motivation and attracts more stakeholders to use and promote the Norwegian Red.

Being aware of such opportunity, the Kyrgyz Association of Forest and Land Users is now expanding the distribution points all over the country and even in cross bordering areas with Tajikistan. Moreover, the association is working together with active members and other key stakeholders on the promotion of a Norwegian Red as a “National Program for strengthening the husbandry sector” through the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture.