Community Forest Management – with a specific focus on reduction of illegal logging and improved local environment in Armenia

This involves the transfer of forest land to communities for the purpose of sustainable management and an increase in the planting and maintenance of forests. The purpose of the project is also to establish well-organised and well-managed community forests in selected communities in Armenia that can be managed profitably, contribute to economic development and protect/develop forest resources and eco-systems for the long-term benefit of the population. This also include establishment of a country training program and extension system for forest managers and forest workers.

The forest cover in Armenia amounts to 334 thousand ha, or 11.2 percent of the territory. The analysis of historic data proves that previous time the country had 3 times more forests than now.

In the last 70 years, the forests of Armenia have been subjected to over-logging. The last time began in 1991, connected with the economic and energy crisis in the country. Large forests were eliminated in the regions of Lori, Tavush, Syunik, and Gegharkunik, in particular, which caused erosion and mudslides

All forests in Armenia are State-owned, and about one third of the total forest area is in the protected areas.


  •  Establishing of community forest in tree pilot communities
  • Countrywide vocational training program and extension system, educational materials within selected subjects
  •  Forest Management Planning

Afforestation in Lory Marz